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Another long weekend.


long weekend and I haven't been home
when I found time to be actually alone,
I thought about the man that I have grown into
looking in the mirror like 'oh its you'
hard to recognise truth on my tongue,
they say is what we do when we're young
in the corner of the rave and the vision getting blurred
and the sun's coming up and there's so many girls
but mine aint here and I wish she was
if she was, hoping I wouldn't piss her off
for my feet aren't steady and my mouth won't work
slumped on the couch running out of my words
everybody in here looking out of this world
spacy, I don't mean kevin
we need to talk about how we find heaven
temporary seven hours at a time then we're beckoned

back to the floor, back to it all
I regularly feel that my back's to the wall
but so are most of works of art,


I make works of heart, I make work so hard,
from the night before and i'm now tired and all,
but i'm still quite sure that my rhymes are raw
trying to capture the beauty in lines for your
pleasure and I measure myself by the task

the unknown poet who fell through the cracks
did tracks about jumpers set on the grass
and always sings about a memory passed
and always sings of a memory passed


back to the floor, back to it all
I always feel that my back's to the wall
Like Pink Floyd i'm collapsing the wall
shop till you drop and collapse in the mall
that's what they want but the money won't make me
my flat run down there are cracks in the wall
kids getting high, getting gassed in the hall
and the rents still high I can barely afford

but the dreams so loud I can barely record (x3)

time rolling now
mind on autopilot
carving canyons
in the clouds
I capture raps within my crown
but this aint trap it aint that sound
it's the track beneath the city
run in caverns underground


blurred montages
words in the margin
rum in the glass
and there's worse if your asking
i aint telling, what are you buying
are you selling - I am curious

anything to be curing this
furious temper running pure in us
in who do we surely trust?
unsure from the dawn to dusk

Why do I feel like your losing heart?
Hear me singing the blues, that's the bruising part,
Hear me singing to you, we could do with sparks,
Even if it burns, we'll be closer through the scars,
Throwing wishes at the stars,
Mostly, they throw em back, we're sitting at the bar,
Arguing for so long, there's tickets on the car,
I guess I took it far,
You're looking at me saying I just don't know who you are
That's two of us,
Getting truly buzzed of cupids drugs
Scared of a comedown, that comes round pursuing love,
Hope its all still cool with us.
No icy temperatures, not quite adventurous
To hope you just might just mention us,
In future tenses, I'm too relentless getting through defences
The mood is pensive, don't launch a new offensive
Sitting on the fences,
Depends on how the bottle spins, drama for the oscar win
Forgot some things along the way,
I hope to remember, this was just a lonely November,
No more than that,
I was your supporting act,
There, if you were falling back,
Can't talk too well, so I'll record a track


from The Meaning of a Break, released May 29, 2017
Produced by RUDE




Just Muz London, UK

So who is this man!?

I'm 24
A Published Poet.
A Spoken Word Artist
& Hip Hop MC.

I debuted on the 2009 Headspace Mixtape, since then I've released a fair few digital only releases (busy man!) and
have been featured on Radio WFMU in the USA & BBC Radio One here via the Introducing scheme...

I cant write a biography, just listen to the music - it speaks for itself...

Peace, Muz.
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