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I mosaics
II bedside books
III REM embers
IV trips
V late
VI everything



Now I’m new again
Eyes are blue and I was too but then
I found the catch
And not a ten plus two plus ten
Close the latch
On your door on winter mornings
Now it’s all adding up
I do the maths
Don’t know much about the stars
Or mosaics in the sky
I know more about the verse
Than I do of UNI
That’s a universe still
And I won’t let it pass me by
You lullaby till suns can rise
Breeze easterly
Speak easily

Prohibition era how it all felt taboo
To spend the time before we knew
What we knew
You don’t only get one shot
From the bowstring true


Too sharp no point in my armour
Just wanna be loyal like Carner
Your corner, your harbour, I’m calmer
Than I was cos I’m changing my Karma
Mum say I’m just like my father
Think she means I’m a charmer

But she’s incorrect with respect
So let me interject and I reject all the drama

Seen more than Antigone
antagonized no kidding me
don’t give the boot like Italy
I don’t wanna Rome, no that’s history

I know that the road ain’t straight
I know that the path is winding
Ain’t no oasis and lights get blinding
You got my spine in a perfect binding

Chapters inscribed with intrigue
When I’m not there you miss me
I do the same that’s instinct
Fingerprint interlink in a bit
When we get intimate, I’m into it
Animated in a minute minimally innuit
So it never goes so cold like winter wind
Whistling, when I went missing literally
I said in a bit

Going outside for sometime
Going outside no sunshine

When the bill withers like receipts in my pocket
I paid the price for my life
And the reason to drop it
Thank God for the BTP
Cos them cops gave the me reason to stop it

Cardiac arrest
That’s cuffs on my heart
That’s heart on my sleeve
Cufflinks when I breathe
Cut links to the things that’ll make me grieve
Half my life is make believe
But there ain’t nothing wrong with fantasies
Cos they make me dream
That everything will one day be good
I was innocent like babes in the wood
Way before the raves and the clubs
Hit reset
How does a saviour look?
barely above five foot
Same height as the bedside tower of books
She can read me like that
Mariana deep I can see she’s that
Cut me I no longer bleed like that
When you get what you want
What you need in fact?

Let me hold this sunlight
Sleep with your arm on my shoulder
No need for drama I’m calmer I told you

Too sharp no point in my armour
Just wanna be loyal like Carner
Your corner, your harbour
Son say he’s not like my father
Couldn’t do casual with you so I acted smarter


Wish I could solve problems in a minute
spent a lifetime putting life in the lyrics
I’m an artist don’t call me a spitter
wanting limelight but my mind gets bitter
Kate Nash girls said that my mates were fitter
Than me so I hated the mirror

My foundations were powdery as make up
Hard to build a life on the sand cos it breaks up

Wake up to the birdsong
Private Peaceful Pacifist Preferring Putting words on
The page for his P’s
Than fighting in the wars, are you major, are you minor as the chords?
Little bit of both the way my life has run its course

Every storm runs out of raindrops
Every gun from its bullets
But Trigger warning how I wanted one and dreamed to pull it

Remember Remember
Ash of my dreams REM Embers
You burned my fires into Phoenix feathers
Soothe my wounds, I will not forget this

All I need is some symmetry
Can’t get advice, Grandads in the cemetery
If he knew that my life I nearly stopped it
He’d be Turning in his grave that’s a plot twist

I took things for granted, that’s a given
My uni town guys tried to drown in the river
Never understood it till the water level rose
Take a picture I do the exact same pose

Remember Remember
Ash of my dreams REM Embers
You put the fires out
Soothe my wounds, I’ll not forget this


I’m on the 14.11
Train into St Pancras
City of money and bankers
City of honey and acid
LSD get placid
I’d try it maybe
But probably not cos I heard that it could drive you crazy

let’s take a trip like somewhere else
Imagine if only I had some wealth
If the TV payed my fees in G’s
Then FIJI probably where I’d be
At least for a bit
But the ADHD in me means that I can't slee-

Come with me


I’m off the pills so I can’t sleep
That don’t mean that I can’t dream
Didn’t steal codeine from the cabinet though
Well done me

Mac miller on the MacBook playlist
Grand ambitions, thank you next life
I got prejudice I got pride
So a man like that must be in want of a wife

Well probs one day
Got this vision of a house by the lake
It’s getting late
It’s getting late

Where’s god gone when ya
Get this insomnia
Make me faithless like that tune
Lonely guy that man on the moon


How many stories to collect, flaws accumulate the older that we get
Shoulder dislocated as a sign of disconnect
Kids rolled joints in silence on the steps
In the moonlight of our island, till we jet

Overseas, as the hands of our time spin fast
Cycles moving like a spin class,
Need you by my side, like a hip flask

Intoxicated by the wings of my whims
Said that I could tell you many things
I’ll settle for between anything and everything


You carried tunes, then I carried keys
How do I unlock your personality?
No surprise that you’re a masterpiece
Almost did that line about gallery

I mess around make beats with the sampler
Wanted to be a pilot, ended up a baggage handler
But I can handle it, though stress is like an abacus
Meaning that’s it adding up, not meaning like it’s average
My mode of talking through the medium of rapping is
Frustrating I can understand, my laundry aired in public
Sitting in the pub and getting deep you pick a subject

I can talk to you on anything
Cos this is looking like an everything

That I need to


released April 8, 2020
Prod. Sugi.wa
Written and recorded by Christian Foley




Just Muz London, UK


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