The Meaning of a Break

by Just Muz

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"I'm calling up my mother like 'you'll never guess what happened'
I made it to the prime time Tele for my rapping"

The Meaning of a Break, Just Muz's (Christian Foley's) second album on Kompyla Records is a continuation of his story, one that we heard in all its jazzy detail on his acclaimed 2016 debut Jumpers for Goalposts.

This time around, it's not Christian's childhood in his lens, but his career, his chaotic crash into adulthood, the 25 year old having found himself drowning in his recently found publicity over the globe.

The Meaning of a Break, narrated by Christian's mother, the voice of reason, is the tale and the analysis of a big break. The tale of 50 Cent Co-signs ("Got Some Flow)", the Oprah appearances, the millions of views, the prime time tele; the tale of the toll this takes on Christian's relationships and his private life, caught between two worlds of being a nobody and a name.

Over a canvas of jazz, soul, Hip Hop and more - Christian reminds us that beyond the surface of success, there is someone out his depth.


released May 29, 2017

Written & Recorded by Christian Foley on behalf of Kompyla Records




Just Muz London, UK

So who is this man!?

I'm 24
A Published Poet.
A Spoken Word Artist
& Hip Hop MC.

I debuted on the 2009 Headspace Mixtape, since then I've released a fair few digital only releases (busy man!) and
have been featured on Radio WFMU in the USA & BBC Radio One here via the Introducing scheme...

I cant write a biography, just listen to the music - it speaks for itself...

Peace, Muz.
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Track Name: Got Some Flow
I'm calling up my mother like you'd never guess what happened
I made it to the prime time tele for my rapping
had the hunger in my belly that developed into snacking
I can pay her back at last for every lunch that she was packing
camera's are flashing in the back,
in the green room with pamela, we're chatting bout my raps
she was like who are you, I told her I was Christian,
like that's my name I'm not referring to religion
as a kid I never prayed of getting any type of fame
now I see the inside, it reminds me of a game
got an message from the Ellen show, I was like well hello
they told me that if Oprah called, then I should go and let them know
I'm in the trouble with press, when they call me on a Friday
and I'm a drunken mess,
like can you repeat the questions, we were at the bar
cos my mates need refreshments,
you get one shot when it comes to the career
when you hit that, it turns to tequilas and cheers
like one for Hickling, another one for Hudson
he leant me the fashion for the ITV Production
how mightily I function with microphone for clutching
aint it something I got some flow

And they say I got some flow
and they say I got some flow

Girls from my school days are popping out the wood work,
flirted in design class, forgot about the wood work,
they were never keen though, time has turned the table
so be careful who you write off in the future, that's a fable
I am able to remember rhyming in an empty building
Now I switched it up and hit like 37 million
children saying their teacher can rap
but its more like their rapper can teach
The circus of the media impersonating jesters
I was 5000-1 like Leicester, it's best to check and do some research
I came straight from the conference, made you reverse
this aint knee jerk
this is team work
this is how it looks when you put your dream first
so if I die before I wake, and nobody knows
just say I did it all for my bro's
They say I got some flow


Quicken the pace and give you a taste
of lyrics in haste, truly
ripping the beats, ridiculous speed
delivered indeed, smoothly
showing on time
flowing a rhyme, blowing your mind, sue me
if you are late, to what I can make
will you relate, to me
sicker than most, I live up to boasts
and spit what I know, cooly,
breaking the rules, escaping the school
and playing to you, nightly
brightly in the sky, my stars are starting to shine
here's a lesson in the art of a rhyme,
they say I got some flow

50 cent just admitted he's a fan,
can you blame me for feeling like the man,
It's 2016, get likes or die trying
hate it or love it, I probably die writing
I can't buy diamonds, i'd rather that my kids shine
and rap like GP's queues, give you sick lines
No time for window shopping gotta see students,
more class for my low grades, there my G-Units

I'm foolish trying to mess around with celebrity
fake is something I could never be,
so offer me the deal and do I bite like suarez,
or do I stay true to my team like Mahrez
and Jamie, so even though the radio play me
I aint selling out no how matter how much you pay me
This aint bake off, I aint got the dough
but, hey, they say I got some flow
Track Name: Know the World
another saturday rolling round
got something with you, you can roll it now
I slowly wrote this down in my mate's lounge
6pm sun shining straight down
our playground is city-wide,
we'll catch the Viccy line to Brixton
the beat weighs a brick's ton all up in your system
our wisdom getting swapped over Kronenbourg's
it's all footie and the girls like we know the world

and it's ours, early twenties and we face no scars
I didn't really have Mufasa, when I'm looking at the stars,
but got the pride of ten simba's still running through my heart

play the part, I mean whichever one is cast for me
I used wanna get signed, but you only signed my cast for me
If I broke my bones, I was nine years old,
when I wrote some poems, it wrote the path for me

the beats play, and the world turns
and the joint burns, and we all talk
then it replays, and we re-blaze
sharing out some small thoughts

We used to hit the beach and spend our money on some board shorts
when it was always sunny in our home
sweet as honey in the comb, getting buzzed of a few beers
seems like lightyears ago, but it was only just a few years
here we are reminiscing in a messy living room
dying to be free as were as those in kids in june

another sunday is rolling round
got something with you, you can roll it now
I slowly wrote this down in my own lounge
8am sun shining straight down
my playground aint rolling hills
we'll catch the overground to London fields
sitting in the shade, like 300 when under shields
welcome to the kingdom, Britain in a word
the worst lie we tell ourselves is we know the world

(we don't know the world)
Track Name: Contact High
Might sit back put a record on,
Celia said play the Kendrick one,
we both met in our 21's
mad kid, good city,
she looked pretty
I was looking to be witty
in a gritty old bar,
video stars on the tele on the wall
I played smooth like Pele on the ball,
and of course I scored

forward in time, the boy got grown
couldn't find a category made my own
any other rapper wanna take my throne?
that's cool I was fine on the couch
rhyme so loud, it could sell by the ounce
this here is magic, I'm spelling it out
quelling my doubt, while I tell you amounts
of accounts that now dwell on my head like a crown
settle right down, it's story time
Christian got some glory time
I was doing well before my prime
that was 17, that was 19, that was 23
I had plenty shine,
now where will I be by 29,

(you tell me)
(you tell me)

Might sit back put a record on,
Celia said play the Kendrick one,
I picked out OD,
overly dedicated
chill right out like i'm overly medicated
soberly elevated, flow when I meditate,
No, I am never late to levitate a mind
educated rhyme - what you expect
I'm a teacher,
I don't share my tracks,
so stop with chats just trying to get a feature
trying to be a neitschze
we don't need to be deep or a preacher
I'm happy with a pint and FIFA
some mates get lean like Piza
I was never really into reefer,
all I need is a breather, either
that or a microphone
gimme that and i'm right at home

zone right out

Might sit back put a record on,
Celia said play the Kendrick one,
butterfly flutter in the gutter
of my torso, I get nervous,
she makes me more so
can't read signals is this morse code?
I don't know, penny for my thoughts
I go broke, many metaphors I have wrote
the beat don't stop and the world don't pause
sharks in the club, the girls know jaws,
the boys picked fights and they broke them laws
the nights go by and I flow some more
till the sun returns like prodigal
are your drugs methodical?
When that shit is your protocol,
your port of call aint logical
My lodger called said he was contact high
asked me how it happened?
by the time he heard one rhyme
he said oh how dope is your rapping?

Just another day that's breathing out
inhaling the evening
another tape for the odds out out
I pray you getting even
Track Name: JazzBars (Part 1)
hickory dickory dock
my wicked delivery hitting the spot,
no, remember that thing I forgot
slow it down, begin at the top

My name is Christian, i'm a poet, bet a couple of you know me
only if you're in my class, you'll be oh like that's Mr Foley
what's he doing,
with an SB
TV, I confess he keeps eating up MC's
knee deep in like ten beats

each and every time I cleverly rhyme I bring you lava
ready with lines, machete in mind, meaning it's sharper
like Akala's

that's the starter -
now it's probably time we raise the bar a
'hove them other artists who all bubble up like Cava,
saying they'll be spraying up a party causing martyrs
but what goes around will come around, so everyone be calmer

I got students who are influenced by everything they hear,
and it spills onto the road, I know that fills me up with fear
here in hackney, where some hack knees, and if that seems severe
never underestimate the pressure of impressing peers

now I peer, straight into the camera, with grammar to
be breaking your parameters of what you thought a rapper does
know what you're doing, I know what you're thinking
i'm inking the rhythm and nobody blinking,
they're telling me I wasn't meant to be spitting
cos evidently I was definitely different

yes you're right I aint living in the ends
but in my 9 to 5 i'm in the middle of them
working with prisoners who listen while they're sitting in the pen
and teaching young offenders that they can begin again
that's a story in reverse if you were following the thread

What are you doing for the youth?
No tomorrow will be blessed
if they are chased by yesterday until its haunting all their steps
like the ghosts in the stairwells that watch too many deaths

it's a responsible address mixed with the monster in my chest
even though you got exams, life is constantly a test
and if a student passes, then I guess that I have failed
and what's the use of learning bars to go revise em in a jail
i'm trying till my sentences put life into your cells
finding my quest like tribe or a disciple for the grail
while I energise the cipher so decipher all I tell

like i'm developing intelligent lettering made to benefit
better than any veteran anyway I am relevant revelling
in my element, devil mixed with the reverend,
rebel up in your tenement selling you acapalla's and swelling your cerebellum and telling that you tenners are better spent on my records
i'm tennyson when i'm penning,
and fleming giving you medicine

check it
the references are hardly cool I know
or so says every kid at school I know
I replied then what should I be doing with my rhymes
and they said its SB - you should probably do grime

but seriously nah not's that not me
and i'm sceptical of who can rap like me
shutdown that show with a track like me
bust out that flow with a mastery
though I keep low-key everywhere that I go
stay ahead of my foe, with a devil in toe
there are chips on the phone you are never alone
won't notice the bugs see except for mallone
Track Name: Corsica
It was Friday, we were heading Corsica
not the island but the club until the morning comes,
Me, Rory and Rashid in the Uber X
they've had their turn with the aux, now who is next?
I played Frank and we drove by the Thames
Another weekend on road with your friends
those two looking for some endless blondes
those channel orange girls with their make up on

fast forward and it's six and i'm slumped on the sofa
green room covered in debris but it aint over
time speeding up or its skipping or getting slower
and a girl's talking to me about God but I don't know her
Christ, what's occurring with my vision?
Like Michael Phelps, it is record breaking swimming
We dive into these nights,
not worried bout how we can drown in this life

It all blends in a mash up
I splash out as I'm getting my cash up
ripping up all the beats that is what I can't pass up
use to burn CD's like Snoops burns hash up

Gnasher, might as well be with me, I'm a menace
Pour so many drinks turned the East End to Venice
Spill my feelings to my girl in a mispelt text,
she'll think I'm just trying to get more sex

well yes, on occasion I am very one dimensional
I cause tension but no its not intentional
I write prose but it's not so professional
and the cons are its overly confessional
expressing all your thoughts can potentially go wrong
when you come home and she's like what is that song?

was the first part alluding to drugs?
You said you were staying in and your rapping about a club

I do not know where this ride is going to
1 billion words is all I have to show for you
sometimes I just want to forget everything
that's awkward cos I still call you my everything
Track Name: Like Yesterday
'll be 25 in 25 weeks,
only seems like yesterday we're getting ID'
17 trying to get into a club
with our old girlfriends who we said that we loved
heavens above, I was rapping over records I dug
checking if a label ever would be checking for Muz
there weren't no check in the post,
there weren't no sold out shows
just a couple mates, couple beers, honing our flows
my mum caught the holy ghost
her son found spirits
getting drunk in the party partly working on lyrics
still uncertain of limits
find me passed out like flyers
was I skilled? Yes I was, but then again I guess i'm biased

Tyres burning as we rolled around in old cars
when my sis got her license
it licensed us to go far
phone bars running out of signal in the section
comparable to them I was getting a bad reception
no one believed I would be here
no one believed I would do this
no one one believed I would be cheered
but I believed and my belief'll get me through this


I'll be 25 in 25 weeks,
only seems like yesterday we're getting ID'
17 trying to get into a club
with our old girlfriends who we said that we loved

right before I woke up
I was having a dream
that we were back in those days
like they were magical scenes
when you're a teen you never have to worry bout being grown
only bill I had to pay was for my credit on phones
07797 no my number aint changed
and the people who are calling more or less are the same

that's how it goes when you grow
you can still keep it grounded even as you evolved

reporters interviewing me like how did you start?
guess it all stems from being proud of my art
I made an album bout the outcome of our jumpers in parks
I pitched for your hearts, so no it wasn't jumping on charts
but it was bumping in cars, blast it from your speaker
its the rapper and the teacher
student with the masters
wrote rap hooks in his maths books
somewhere along the way it all started adding up

right before I choke up
lets bring it back to the now,
feeling lost like the remote that's down the back of my couch
channel my passion when I'm rapping about
just another day, up in my flat in the south
of the river, I deliver like DPD
over suite symphonies and some beat CD's
still uncertain of limits, see my name on the flyers
got my head in the clouds
and i'll be taking it higher

I'll be 25 in 25 weeks,
only seems like yesterday we're getting ID'
17 trying to get into a club
with our old girlfriends right before we broke up
Track Name: Eleven
It's the tory hating, story maker, aka the glory chaser

we never had the dough, like I'm the poorest baker

making paper independent no its nothing major

though in general I generate a buzz like a pager

need my name to ring a bell, like stringer bell

I aint a royal male, but I deliver well

hitting up so many bars, it's damaging my liver cells

can't afford the fizz cos my business is pretty frail

still you show me interest

more than my Natwest, I'm happy that I invest

time with you, and its valuable like rolex

even though you keep on asking if I will be pro yet,

tell my mum don't fret i'm in the media

she says it don't count its only wikipedia

I'm the same as always just a little greedier

and my girlfriends got a little needier


Eleven, i'm super natural whenever

truly actually a rebel, do the math and see me revel

Aint no stranger thing then all rap shit

And how I appeared on the scene like magic

I tell it like most of you never have heard

scheming with dreaming that's never deferred

the voice of a boy that was never preferred

with devilish wit and some heavenly words

I put em together like blessing and church

when I was young I was definitely hurt

now that i'm older I reckon i'm cursed

every girl I was wrecking it first

hitting bars, that were as infinite as Chips are

saying I was lead role, made them all a bit part

Graduated as animated as Pixar

I was going deep back when Nemo couldn't swim far

I rip the microphone apart like it's offended me

my tendency for doing so,- is due to my dependency

on rap beats, and that means, this is my identity

killer of the melody, really I am the remedy,

to any rapper telling me, how ill that they are

skilled with the bar, like a lawyer or mixologist

toying with your colleges, the knowledge is wild

like imagination running through the brain of a child

I'm Picasso with the sketchbook,

or call me future cos i'm next up

hear me once and get your neck stuck

in permanent state of nodding, affirmative that i'm rocking

the verses and i'll be jotting, till nurses are calling doctors

and doctors are calling time,

I give you magic but the muggles call it rhyme

I give you graphic like i'm working in design

and if your listening on apple I know its tempting to bite

they say your friends might be snakes

and if mine are adders, they'll be plus an L

and i'll be using em for ladders,

the rap game is jewellery and status

constant competition of whose musically the baddest,

baddest meaning the best

rappers needing a rest

and i'm referring to breaks, I aint referring to jakes

better cop this terra firma to space,


Eleven, i'm super natural whenever

truly actually a rebel, do the math and see me revel

Aint no stranger thing then all rap shit

And how I appeared on the scene like magic

it's the glory hating, story maker, aka the poor debater

call me Mr White I am a pure creator

find me in the kitchen with a torn up apron

cooking up this album for a calling nation

and yeah it would be nice if I was getting paid

imagine all the champagne we'd be getting sprayed

rappers get exploited for their airtime

either way their way getting played
Track Name: Walls
long weekend and I haven't been home
when I found time to be actually alone,
I thought about the man that I have grown into
looking in the mirror like 'oh its you'
hard to recognise truth on my tongue,
they say is what we do when we're young
in the corner of the rave and the vision getting blurred
and the sun's coming up and there's so many girls
but mine aint here and I wish she was
if she was, hoping I wouldn't piss her off
for my feet aren't steady and my mouth won't work
slumped on the couch running out of my words
everybody in here looking out of this world
spacy, I don't mean kevin
we need to talk about how we find heaven
temporary seven hours at a time then we're beckoned

back to the floor, back to it all
I regularly feel that my back's to the wall
but so are most of works of art,


I make works of heart, I make work so hard,
from the night before and i'm now tired and all,
but i'm still quite sure that my rhymes are raw
trying to capture the beauty in lines for your
pleasure and I measure myself by the task

the unknown poet who fell through the cracks
did tracks about jumpers set on the grass
and always sings about a memory passed
and always sings of a memory passed


back to the floor, back to it all
I always feel that my back's to the wall
Like Pink Floyd i'm collapsing the wall
shop till you drop and collapse in the mall
that's what they want but the money won't make me
my flat run down there are cracks in the wall
kids getting high, getting gassed in the hall
and the rents still high I can barely afford

but the dreams so loud I can barely record (x3)

time rolling now
mind on autopilot
carving canyons
in the clouds
I capture raps within my crown
but this aint trap it aint that sound
it's the track beneath the city
run in caverns underground


blurred montages
words in the margin
rum in the glass
and there's worse if your asking
i aint telling, what are you buying
are you selling - I am curious

anything to be curing this
furious temper running pure in us
in who do we surely trust?
unsure from the dawn to dusk

Why do I feel like your losing heart?
Hear me singing the blues, that's the bruising part,
Hear me singing to you, we could do with sparks,
Even if it burns, we'll be closer through the scars,
Throwing wishes at the stars,
Mostly, they throw em back, we're sitting at the bar,
Arguing for so long, there's tickets on the car,
I guess I took it far,
You're looking at me saying I just don't know who you are
That's two of us,
Getting truly buzzed of cupids drugs
Scared of a comedown, that comes round pursuing love,
Hope its all still cool with us.
No icy temperatures, not quite adventurous
To hope you just might just mention us,
In future tenses, I'm too relentless getting through defences
The mood is pensive, don't launch a new offensive
Sitting on the fences,
Depends on how the bottle spins, drama for the oscar win
Forgot some things along the way,
I hope to remember, this was just a lonely November,
No more than that,
I was your supporting act,
There, if you were falling back,
Can't talk too well, so I'll record a track
Track Name: JazzBars (Part II)
home sweet home back then was LC
Kano in the hoodie was the LP
I used to listen to as my mother would tell me
Mind my p's & q's, a man is made of his manners
I wasn't made in the manor but had no maids and a manor
she was working double shifts just to raise up me and hannah
she would buy us double gifts and we were only praising santa

can I, flow until I stammer and i'm old enough for stanners on the bannister,
bragging that i'm a lanister, meaning my debts paid
meaning my cheques came, not meaning chess games
dreaming of them days, when chance would have it
I would make my tapes in 10 days,
writing till I hit the wall like poorly taken set plays

none of us are balling like Beckham
I've taught kids who were ballers on the corners of Peckham
and they could score in a second but they were the caught in the netting
of a hard game that called for always sporting a weapon

I reckon that the pen is mightier than Rambos
dreamed of owning monopolies, everybody has bro
so make the microphone your property, and pass go
careful how you gamble though for that'll have a lad broke
I'm a book maker betting on next thriller
even the beats quiet, waiting for the next killer

line that I will whisper like its secret
read it from my lips I do insist that you don't speak it
but if you must tell the right ears

freestyler of the year, and i'm standing right here
every night i'm ready to write, whatever the weather
forever together with every mic that I find
endeavour to sever your life line
remember the remedy mentally definitely heavenly melodies
light minds
and mine's like nine einsteins times by nine times
that's 81 reasons to be clocking
it's all relative I inherited never stopping
even when i'm dead and gone i'm pencilling my leaden coffin

coughing, um-hum, cos it's too ill
morpheus I should have taken the blue pill
cos the world that we're living in is feeling too real
so everybody's tripping like your girl in new heels

I blew deals for true skills, yeah I been on Oprah
yeah I rapped to millions from TV sofas
yeah I had some co-signs from real east-coasters
always had the drive, now i've got something to show for
it but aint over, this is only the beginning

Like Jamal on his first shoot focused on the winning
mum we were broke, now I hope to see you grinning

hickory dickory dock
do you remember the bit at the top
back when you thought that I wouldn't be hot
now you are thinking you really were off
cos i'm on, went from nursery rhyme
to university rhyme, to universe in a verse
and if you're searching online,
looking for gold just keep this person to mind
I aint rehearsed in a time, but I was spitting from the cradle
you were doing tables, I was biblical with fables
addictive like cane, but will kill if your able
to remain as an unfaithful
after I everything I gave you
Track Name: Something Johnny Said
Hand me the mic,
I'm left angry, while the rising politicians all stand to the right
well, that escalated quickly
they tell me to forget the taste of victory and i'm sickly
pick me, i'm a pygmy in my city simply trying to make the big league
indeed, I speak in deeds, check the last will and testament,
in fact you could ask for Will for testaments,
ain't nobody messing with my art, these are the freshest prints
it's not the soundtrack to freshers drinks,
packing too many degrees, can I turn down the heat?
back in, the kitchen like its my turn to eat
and I am done snacking,

hand me the mic I used to rap inside the lunch hall
dinner ladies use to love it, all the kids were unsure
the same kids who try to spud me at festival
say they love my metaphors, i'm like have we met before?
I don't forget you all, the elephants in residence
I mean the room, but soon I really need to mention it
the fact that we're jealous of developments
and many of the fellas want my feathers in propeller tips
clip my wings until i'm falling out of relevance
i'm telling these hecklers your soul won't fit in ,
like every other slipper Cinderella tried to get in
strip it down to acapella I don't need a rhythm
gifted I don't have to tell ya, tell ya it's a given
even if I was an apple seller, I would make a killing
for lyrically I bear fruit whenever i'm spitting
looking at the world like its ripe for the picking

hand me the mic, take a second take a breath
we all need a break, I got mine when my tape impressed
rob da bank from the world famous radio
my mates called me like I heard you, aint it crazy bro
only feels like days ago sitting in a label lobby
nearly got a deal but then again the major dropped me
oh well, at least they put me in the hotel
gave me some expensive coffee told me I could flow well
it's a hard knock life when there are no bells
saying that's the fights finished, we're hardly prize winners
I just write lyrics that you like em is coincidental
hand me the mic and watch what I can do with instrumentals
and it's mental how i'm going viral
one freestyle and i'm watching it spiral
Johnny hit me up on whatsapp and warned me bout my ego
I told my mates that I was arrogant, they were like we know
big fish in a small pond, the opposite of nemo
flip the letters over and I read it as an omen
still dreaming of the ocean,
still dreaming that I could be beside it with my old friends,
we tried to reunite in Liverpool just the other week
except they were so fucked up that we couldn't speak
we all deal with life in our various ways,
but how do you celebrate by staring to space?

hand me the mic, rhyme is of the essence
I get scientific with it though I used to skive the lessons
i'm sorry sir, but I'm more about the bars than cells,
and I know a lot of teens spitting bars in cells,
my conviction is comparable, yet unparalleled
to any parable, I aint here to be Samaritan
we all got troubles, I aint big enough to carry them
until i've got it made with my very own marian
I'm aiming for the straight and narrow,
on point like the straightest arrow,
its for kids who never went to Harrow
mum's a nurse, father was a gardener
my sister is a physic, and I'm a starving artist huh?

Now who's got my back
told my chiropractor it was only her in fact
I'm fine with that
Now for Kompyla, compiling tracks
Track Name: The Meaning of a Break
When I was I eight I broke my left arm, it hurt like a bitch

playing footie in the cage

we were trapped in as kids

I never mastered the tricks

But I broke new ground

When I rapped on the mix

I broke the trend of other artists in my area

Broke into the gigs

No ID Looking warier

Broke a couple a fights up

And started plenty more

Broke into the world news

When I was 24

At eighteen I had a broke heart

Broke many in revenge

Maybe I went too far

I was very broke

When my dad broke out

That's emotion and our NatWest account

Yeah there we go another


Men might change the wheel

But we never stay round

I can't break the cycle

I will try break the lock

Always in a fix

What if I break it off?

Best tell me break a leg

My whole life is an act

Can you try break apart

All the lies and the facts?

But I break into this tenner

For some Heineken cans

I will tell you at the end

What it means cos it's vital

I break into a freestyle like

It's really nothing

I break into the bars like their

Cereal or something

I broke my fast

I was hungry for success

I broke fast

Cos I felt too way much stress

This is not what it says it on the tin

I got some flow

But I don't break into grins
Track Name: Fame to Claim
I don't hang around with those aren't grounded
trying to be edgy - its better if your rounded
we were year 7, first base, playing rounders
the same mates from those days still hang around us

I ran home the other day and bumped into my neighbours
they told me I got taller and they told me I was famous,
the old lady next door just saw me in the papers
I've always been escapist, since my first pair of vapours
white with blue traces, tie my shoelaces,
fast-forward to tours, now mics in suitcases
putting rhymes through paces, I like these new places
I realised the dream to write for you strangers

but how do we get here? (x2)

I don't really, really know
I went from being 14 feeling really, really low
never thought that if you loved me you would really, really go
here we go, next scene, yeah it's really cheerio
now I really, really flow, until the people nearly know
that I started kind of green, now see me really really grow

but i'm worried that i've gone too far,
I didn't even buy my mum a birthday card,
back in the day we didn't even have a working car
but she always had the drive and she worked so hard
so no matter if i'm my rhyming is a work of art
it's no use, if its leading me to hurt her heart

she don't hang around with those aren't grounded
now I'm kind of edgy - forgetting to be rounded
I was year 7, first base, playing rounders
the same mates from those days still hang around us

I ran home the other day and bumped into my neighbours
they told me stay me the same, best be careful what i'm claiming
Track Name: Home (Feat. Ash Phlava)
Home had a well kept garden,
my father built a wooden motorbike
for me to swing on till darkness
inscribed with the name Christian
and the number 5,
the age I was at the time -
I knew little about the world

I know a lot about dinosaurs,
pterodactyls in the sky that soared
Tyrannosaur with the tiny arms
made up for it with a giant heart
I wore out the tape of Jurassic Park
covering my eyes at the raptor part
from those days we all have to part
they fade like stars in collapsing dark

Chart, of my height on the doorway
three feet tall, with a mic in the hallway
when I say mic, I really mean a hairbrush
just want to rhyme, never caring how my hair looks

Look, I know sing this too much
stuck like a record on the records I touch
but, you'll sing too when you're grown
miss those days at your home

Home, can I call home, home?
I still miss my home?



all of my dreams, I am on the run
I am running from, where i'm coming from
everything I want, fell into my palm
fortune in my hand got me feeling so disarmed
got the money in the bank, good woman on the arm
but I don't know who to thank, so lucky that I'm charmed,

yeah it's a blessing,
imagine every audience you thought of you were getting
fretting, how not to fall where i'm stepping
slipping, that could have my whole world tipping
kipping, no I go time nightly
you're still sleeping on me then you always might be
no worries, there ain't no hurry
Don't know Christian you might know Muzzy,
funny, we used to write raps in the home
and it took me far, though I did it on my own

Home, can I call home, home?
I still miss my home



I knew little about the world,
and when my father taught me it turned
I thought of it turning like a books page
onto more pictures, more stories,
more dinosaurs, I didn't think
that each time it spins, yesterday is extinct
and you can't flip the pages back
that's why I made this track

I wonder if aunty will play this back
Gil Scott said home's where the hatred's at
that's true for some, so more fool them
it's a rule of thumb, that who you call friends
it can blend it can change
but your family remain, no matter how strained
shame, at the price of greed
steal from your kin, when their lives in need

really, our family is seeming like a dozen,
it doesn't really matter I aint speaking to my cousin
or my new step-sisters and new step-brothers
me and Hannah Cindarella, with a wicked step-mother
Other, fam probably meet up at Christmas
if ours did they would be competing at discus

plates all over the place,
as time goes by know that everything breaks
fate, you twisted the shape of our home
like it was only paper and you a cyclone
saw that old motorbike beside me blown
both blowing in winds of time alone
and I can't change that by rhyme alone

it makes me really wanna pick up the phone
it makes me really wanna pick up the phone
it makes me really wanna pick up the phone

Ask dad his address, and hows it going?