JazzBars (Part II)

from by Just Muz

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home sweet home back then was LC
Kano in the hoodie was the LP
I used to listen to as my mother would tell me
Mind my p's & q's, a man is made of his manners
I wasn't made in the manor but had no maids and a manor
she was working double shifts just to raise up me and hannah
she would buy us double gifts and we were only praising santa

can I, flow until I stammer and i'm old enough for stanners on the bannister,
bragging that i'm a lanister, meaning my debts paid
meaning my cheques came, not meaning chess games
dreaming of them days, when chance would have it
I would make my tapes in 10 days,
writing till I hit the wall like poorly taken set plays

none of us are balling like Beckham
I've taught kids who were ballers on the corners of Peckham
and they could score in a second but they were the caught in the netting
of a hard game that called for always sporting a weapon

I reckon that the pen is mightier than Rambos
dreamed of owning monopolies, everybody has bro
so make the microphone your property, and pass go
careful how you gamble though for that'll have a lad broke
I'm a book maker betting on next thriller
even the beats quiet, waiting for the next killer

line that I will whisper like its secret
read it from my lips I do insist that you don't speak it
but if you must tell the right ears

freestyler of the year, and i'm standing right here
every night i'm ready to write, whatever the weather
forever together with every mic that I find
endeavour to sever your life line
remember the remedy mentally definitely heavenly melodies
light minds
and mine's like nine einsteins times by nine times
that's 81 reasons to be clocking
it's all relative I inherited never stopping
even when i'm dead and gone i'm pencilling my leaden coffin

coughing, um-hum, cos it's too ill
morpheus I should have taken the blue pill
cos the world that we're living in is feeling too real
so everybody's tripping like your girl in new heels

I blew deals for true skills, yeah I been on Oprah
yeah I rapped to millions from TV sofas
yeah I had some co-signs from real east-coasters
always had the drive, now i've got something to show for
it but aint over, this is only the beginning

Like Jamal on his first shoot focused on the winning
mum we were broke, now I hope to see you grinning

hickory dickory dock
do you remember the bit at the top
back when you thought that I wouldn't be hot
now you are thinking you really were off
cos i'm on, went from nursery rhyme
to university rhyme, to universe in a verse
and if you're searching online,
looking for gold just keep this person to mind
I aint rehearsed in a time, but I was spitting from the cradle
you were doing tables, I was biblical with fables
addictive like cane, but will kill if your able
to remain as an unfaithful
after I everything I gave you


from The Meaning of a Break, released May 29, 2017
Produced by Alfa Minor




Just Muz London, UK

So who is this man!?

I'm 24
A Published Poet.
A Spoken Word Artist
& Hip Hop MC.

I debuted on the 2009 Headspace Mixtape, since then I've released a fair few digital only releases (busy man!) and
have been featured on Radio WFMU in the USA & BBC Radio One here via the Introducing scheme...

I cant write a biography, just listen to the music - it speaks for itself...

Peace, Muz.
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