JazzBars (Part 1)

from by Just Muz

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hickory dickory dock
my wicked delivery hitting the spot,
no, remember that thing I forgot
slow it down, begin at the top

My name is Christian, i'm a poet, bet a couple of you know me
only if you're in my class, you'll be oh like that's Mr Foley
what's he doing,
with an SB
TV, I confess he keeps eating up MC's
knee deep in like ten beats

each and every time I cleverly rhyme I bring you lava
ready with lines, machete in mind, meaning it's sharper
like Akala's

that's the starter -
now it's probably time we raise the bar a
'hove them other artists who all bubble up like Cava,
saying they'll be spraying up a party causing martyrs
but what goes around will come around, so everyone be calmer

I got students who are influenced by everything they hear,
and it spills onto the road, I know that fills me up with fear
here in hackney, where some hack knees, and if that seems severe
never underestimate the pressure of impressing peers

now I peer, straight into the camera, with grammar to
be breaking your parameters of what you thought a rapper does
know what you're doing, I know what you're thinking
i'm inking the rhythm and nobody blinking,
they're telling me I wasn't meant to be spitting
cos evidently I was definitely different

yes you're right I aint living in the ends
but in my 9 to 5 i'm in the middle of them
working with prisoners who listen while they're sitting in the pen
and teaching young offenders that they can begin again
that's a story in reverse if you were following the thread

What are you doing for the youth?
No tomorrow will be blessed
if they are chased by yesterday until its haunting all their steps
like the ghosts in the stairwells that watch too many deaths

it's a responsible address mixed with the monster in my chest
even though you got exams, life is constantly a test
and if a student passes, then I guess that I have failed
and what's the use of learning bars to go revise em in a jail
i'm trying till my sentences put life into your cells
finding my quest like tribe or a disciple for the grail
while I energise the cipher so decipher all I tell

like i'm developing intelligent lettering made to benefit
better than any veteran anyway I am relevant revelling
in my element, devil mixed with the reverend,
rebel up in your tenement selling you acapalla's and swelling your cerebellum and telling that you tenners are better spent on my records
i'm tennyson when i'm penning,
and fleming giving you medicine

check it
the references are hardly cool I know
or so says every kid at school I know
I replied then what should I be doing with my rhymes
and they said its SB - you should probably do grime

but seriously nah not's that not me
and i'm sceptical of who can rap like me
shutdown that show with a track like me
bust out that flow with a mastery
though I keep low-key everywhere that I go
stay ahead of my foe, with a devil in toe
there are chips on the phone you are never alone
won't notice the bugs see except for mallone


from The Meaning of a Break, released May 29, 2017
Produced by DJ Cam Quartet - 'Rebirth of Cool'




Just Muz London, UK

So who is this man!?

I'm 24
A Published Poet.
A Spoken Word Artist
& Hip Hop MC.

I debuted on the 2009 Headspace Mixtape, since then I've released a fair few digital only releases (busy man!) and
have been featured on Radio WFMU in the USA & BBC Radio One here via the Introducing scheme...

I cant write a biography, just listen to the music - it speaks for itself...

Peace, Muz.
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