Expensive Coffee (Bonus Track)

from by Just Muz



I'm having a pretty good Friday.


Hand me the mic,
I'm left angry, while the rising politicians all stand to the right
well, that escalated quickly
they tell me to forget the taste of victory and i'm sickly
pick me, i'm a pygmy in my city simply trying to make the big league
indeed, I speak in deeds, check the last will and testament,
in fact you could ask for Will for testaments,
ain't nobody messing with my art, these are the freshest prints
it's not the soundtrack to freshers drinks,
packing too many degrees, can I turn down the heat?
back in, the kitchen like its my turn to eat
and I am done snacking,

hand me the mic I used to rap inside the lunch hall
dinner ladies use to love it, all the kids were unsure
the same kids who try to spud me at festival
say they love my metaphors, i'm like have we met before?
I don't forget you all, the elephants in residence
I mean the room, but soon I really need to mention it
the fact that we're jealous of developments
and many of the fellas want my feathers in propeller tips
clip my wings until i'm falling out of relevance
i'm telling these hecklers your soul won't fit in ,
like every other slipper Cinderella tried to get in
strip it down to acapella I don't need a rhythm
gifted I don't have to tell ya, tell ya it's a given
even if I was an apple seller, I would make a killing
for lyrically I bear fruit whenever i'm spitting
looking at the world like its ripe for the picking

hand me the mic, take a second take a breath
we all need a break, I got mine when my tape impressed
rob da bank from the world famous radio
my mates called me like I heard you, aint it crazy bro
only feels like days ago sitting in a label lobby
nearly got a deal but then again the major dropped me
oh well, at least they put me in the hotel
gave me some expensive coffee told me I could flow well
it's a hard knock life when there are no bells
saying that's the fights finished, we're hardly prize winners
I just write lyrics that you like em is coincidental
hand me the mic and watch what I can do with instrumentals
and it's mental how i'm going viral
one freestyle and i'm watching it spiral
Johnny hit me up on whatsapp and warned me bout my ego
I told my mates that I was arrogant, they were like we know
big fish in a small pond, the opposite of nemo
flip the letters over and I read it as an omen
still dreaming of the ocean,
still dreaming that I could be beside it with my old friends,
we tried to reunite in Liverpool just the other week
except they were so fucked up that we couldn't speak
we all deal with life in our various ways,
but how do you celebrate by staring to space?

hand me the mic, rhyme is of the essence
I get scientific with it though I used to skive the lessons
i'm sorry sir, but I'm more about the bars than cells,
and I know a lot of teens spitting bars in cells,
my conviction is comparable, yet unparalleled
to any parable, I aint here to be Samaritan
we all got troubles, I aint big enough to carry them
until i've got it made with my very own marian
I'm aiming for the straight and narrow,
on point like the straightest arrow,
its for kids who never went to Harrow
mum's a nurse, father was a gardener
my sister is a physic, and I'm a starving artist huh?

Now who's got my back
told my chiropractor it was only her in fact
I'm fine with that
yeah i'm fine with that
hand me the mic and that's your final act.


from Burnt Toast EP, track released March 25, 2016
Produced by Soul Square
Written & Recorded by Christian Foley




Just Muz London, UK

So who is this man!?

I'm 24
A Published Poet.
A Spoken Word Artist
& Hip Hop MC.

I debuted on the 2009 Headspace Mixtape, since then I've released a fair few digital only releases (busy man!) and
have been featured on Radio WFMU in the USA & BBC Radio One here via the Introducing scheme...

I cant write a biography, just listen to the music - it speaks for itself...

Peace, Muz.
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