Only One Thing is Sure EP

by Just Muz

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For your Valentines Day. Kinda.


released February 14, 2017

Featuring production from Christian Foley, The Cancel, Karamel Kel, Pabazz, The Jazzment & Blazo




Just Muz London, UK

So who is this man!?

I'm 24
A Published Poet.
A Spoken Word Artist
& Hip Hop MC.

I debuted on the 2009 Headspace Mixtape, since then I've released a fair few digital only releases (busy man!) and
have been featured on Radio WFMU in the USA & BBC Radio One here via the Introducing scheme...

I cant write a biography, just listen to the music - it speaks for itself...

Peace, Muz.
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Track Name: Dangerous to Love
I'm back home trying to picture how it used to be
all the faces on the street are seeming new to me,
and my fam still struggle getting through to me
I'm still young, I'm wild and I'm duty free
the girl on my arm still a beauty see
I still wake her up and may trouble her beauty sleep
coming home drunk when I only went for 2 or 3
but i'm 24, what do you want from me?

if the past is a foreign country
then my rhymes are a passport stamped monthly
I did an interview on radio
the mother of my ex works the desk and she said hello
I thought about me lying to her daughter
the way I left it, was very out of order
she forgave me cos everybody does
there'll come a point when I'll admit that I am dangerous to love
Track Name: Scars on a Cliff's Edge
I wear my dreams like chains instead of capes
so they weigh my down and that can make it hard to escape
I made enough to buy a ticket anywhere
but I never leave, cos I feel it won't be very fair
to the ties that I've crafted to my home
graft on microphones, and always writing in my zone
I started out at fourteen and just hit twenty five
still I can tell you nothing about life,
I was supposed to have the answers, like a riddle I could guess
Like my heart was more than something in the middle of my chest
but there aint no treasure there,
I learned to deal with pressure like pilots
couple of guys from my school already fly jets
mean while I'm crashing at a mates
Looking for the heavens, putting raps upon a tape
Lord, take me out this place

Even if I'm Icarus, I just want wings, wings, wings
Even if I fall, let me soar, like a king
Even if I fall, let me soar

Call me Mufassa, I just want to live, live, live
even if I fall, let me roar, like a king
even if I fall let me roar
Track Name: Only One Thing is Sure
I booked a table at a nice place,
looking down the wine list,
worried that I might taste
some honesty and it would slip up off my tongue
and you would look me in the face
and see what I have become

Oh, how I love it, always speaking in riddles,
You save time, I waste time
Let's meet in the middle, like a waistline
held to my fingertips, I can't get a grip
How did I let this one slip?


I'm not good with second chances
or eleven chances
take away my tendencies, and are you still the one?
the feeling can't be gone, if I write you in these words
and put you in this song


the feeling can't be gone, if I write you in these words
and put you in this song

instrumental break

I wish you would have known me as a kid
I was innocent in each and every thing that I did
couple of heart breaks and beat tapes made my
character split, like alright see you later?
Jeykll and Hyde, I grew a devilish side
penning the rhymes, getting better with time
but here's the catch,
by the age of 22, it was game and set match
because I was getting love, but it was also meaning loss
cos I was never sure exactly what I want

the feeling can't be gone, if I write you in these words
and put you in this song